Members of the Research Center DiTeS

Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Carmen Kaminsky (Director DiTeS)
Institute for Research in Social Work (IRIS)
Research areas: applied ethics; normative theories of social work
Areas of teaching: ethics; social philosophy; science of social work

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bente
Institute of Computer Science
Research areas: software and enterprise architectures for complex, socio-technical systems, e.g. the field of e-Government; slim and agile architecture management for such systems; collaborative approaches
Areas of teaching: software engineering

Prof. Dr. Babette Brinkmann
Institute of Gender Studies (IFG)
Research areas: holistic management and new working environment
Areas of teaching: organizational and group psychology

Prof. Dr. Amelie Duckwitz
Institute of Information Science
Research Area: Social Media, User Experience and Transcultural Communication

Prof. Dr. Luigi Lo Iacono
Institute of Media and Imaging Technology (IMP)
Areas of research and teaching: data and application security, web engineering, computer science

Prof. Dr. Christian Kohls
Institute of Computer Science (IFN)
Research areas: socio-technical design patterns (e-learning, educational patterns, creative thinking), community design and participatory design methods; application development for group innovation processes (‘extreme collaboration‘)
Areas of Teaching: socio-technical systems

Prof. Dr. Hans-Günter Lindner
Schmalenbach Institute for Economic Sciences (WI)
Research areas: system-theoretical analysis of human factors in business processes (“humanBI”), which encompasses cybernetics, business analytics, human resources und process-simulation to measure intangible values and to structurally shape and design measurable service and software products

Prof. Birgit Mager
Köln International School of Design (KISD)
Professorship Service Design

Research areas: hybrid value creation (initiation, design and implementation of cross-corporate innovation projects); behavioural change in service design systems via design; taxonomies of co-creation processes

Prof. Dr. Claus Richter
Institute of Social Law (ISR)
Professorship Social Law

Research areas: social and labour law, data protection law and human rights

Prof. Dr. Petra Werner
Institute for Information Science (IWS)
Research areas: editorial concepts and strategies for digital media; usability; media usage and reception

Prof. Dr. Isabel Zorn
Institute of Media Research and Media Education (IMM)
Professorship Media Studies and Media Education

Research areas: participatory design of technology, digital technologies in media education and social work, e-learning concepts, technology assessment from a media educational perspective

Associated Members:

Prof. Dr. Rolf Schwartmann
Schmalenbach Institute for Economic Sciences (WI)
Director Cologne Research Center Media Law

Research and teaching areas: national and international media law, with a specific emphasis on data protection law as well as constitutional frameworks pertaining to intellectual property

Prof. Dr. Udo Seelmeyer
Fachhochschule Bielefeld; former Director DiTeS
Research areas: addressee, profession, and organisational research; use of information and communication technologies in social work; evaluation studies, implementation of quantitative, qualitative and mixed-method research designs