Interdisciplinarity in DITES

The emphasis of our work is not the development of new technologies
as such, but the analyses of already available innovative technologies
and their deployment and adoption – according to users‘ needs – in the
fields of social work, health and care. The investigation of ethical,
legal and social questions is of great importance here. The research
center has access to a broad and excellent expertise in legal and
technical aspects of information security and data protection, ethical
reflection and the social science driven empirical analysis of social
Our research group furthermore draws on strong competences in regard
to conceptional design decisions from service design to organisational
issues, adaptive process-design and the configuration of information and
technology architecture – not to forget the appropriate design of
socio-technical systems and technology-related education as well as
methods to generalize good practice and transfer of findings using
design patterns and maturity models

The DITES research agenda aims at conducting various undertakings including diverse digital technologies which already are (or might be in the future) used in social services as means for work and/or organisational technology. The following areas of technology are seen as especially relevant in this context:

  • Communication technologies and applications
    (specialist-software, software as a service, …)
  • Social network platforms (communities for knowledge-transfer and self-help),
    simulations, business
  • Analytics and big data
  • Mobile computing / wearables / ubiquitous computing / internet of things
  • Avatars and robotics (the latter especially in the area of care and assistance)

While individual projects conducted by the Research Center will address specific technologies, it is intended to scope technologies more broadly also, looking at their interlacing and convergences. As such research topics can be arranged along their granular dimensions from micro, via meso to macro level.

The DITES Research Agenda is subdivided into Micro, Meso and Macro level.
DITES Research Agenda