Research Center ‘Digital Technologies and Social Services’ (DiTeS)

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The Research Center ‘Digital Technologies and Social Services’ (DiTeS) at TH Köln is looking into phenomena of digitisation, informatisation and mediatisiation within the diverse field of social services. Under this agenda scenarios for a valuable real-world application of digital technologies are developed and analysed. Newly gained insights, but also questions and challenges, are brought into the academic, specialist-policy and public discourse. Some endeavours in this context would be the investigation of the influence of digital technology on work and organisational processes also taking into account the behaviour of clients and actors, the user-centered elicitation of requirements for (information) technologies in the social sector and the design of application scenarios together with implementation and management strategies for new technologies within the area of social services.

While the analysis of problems and subsequent deployment of technical solutions often can be quite one-dimensional, DiTeS is developing and applying multi-faceted approaches and methods to analyse the way digital technologies can and will optimise and strongly innovate social services – thereby taking into account strategic, economic, technical, process-related, organisational, interactive and educational categories.